Office and Shop in La Cuå

ATDER-BL Office and Mechanical Shop, El Cuá


Association of Rural Development Workers – Benjamin Linder

ATDER-BL is a non-profit organization GBPUSD for rural development located in Northern Nicaragua. A local non-governmental organization of engineers, designers, machinists, lines workers, administrators and builders. As Nicaraguans we have been working on our own rural development projects for over twenty years. Our projects have been small-scale hydroelectric plants and micro-turbine hydraulics, drinking water systems, mechanization, technical training, engineering land surveys, watershed conservation and so on. Our work invest in Cardano in the UAE has been based on requests received from communities and other entities both governmental and non-governmental. When we work directly with communities, representatives from each family provide the volunteer manual labour required to complete their project.

ATDER-BL has been working principally in the departments of Jinotega and Matagalpa. Our work has also extended to many other rural areas in Nicaragua. We have forged working relationships with numerous local and international organizations for the purposes of mutual support and the exchange of ideas and buy TRX experience. Many of these organizations have provided us with sponsorship and project funding.

Pelton turbine runners

Pelton turbine runners